DEMAND is not just a recruitment agency. We do not push with a resume and do not deliver “talent” just for the earnings but only because you match!
Long-term relationships with employers where you can develop your talent – that is our passion. We don’t have lengthy procedures. We keep you informed every step of the way. At DEMAND we provide you with constructive feedback for improvement in case of a rejection. Something you can build on for the future. We coach you towards your dream. In addition to being recruiters we are also there for you as your coach.

Have you become enthusiastic? Take a look at what DEMAND can do for you!

Often a fundamental part of the modern recruitment process. Are you not feeling as comfortable as taking part in an assessments or would you like to gain more insight into your talents? Speak to a DEMAND coach and explore our world! We do not train you for assessments but coach you!

You are that one-of-a-kind talent but somehow you are still missing out on all the fun / great jobs? ‘Why?’ you ask yourself. Is it your letter of motivation, or your resume? Or did that interview not go as well as you had hoped?

Feel free and speak to a DEMAND coach, he or she has many years of experience and can provide you with the necessary feedback to improve your skills. Whether it is interview training, resume analysis, your letter of motivation or just that push in the right direction: we are your coach, so let us guide you!

Do you know that feeling when the alarm goes off and you are missing the drive to get up? This is often a sign that you are not reaching your “full-potential”. Don’t you want to get up every morning (except on Monday) having that Wow-feeling? We at DEMAND want to share our secret recipe with you! Reach out to us and a new world opens up to you. Career guidance is not something new but our method is!

This is what it’s all about in our careers! The one job at that one employer that makes you think; WOW! But how do I draw their attention? How do I get an appointment for an interview? How can I show them my skills? How can I do really well in the interview? DEMAND understands your concerns and we will guide you through the process. Apply at DEMAND for that particular job with a WOW-factor and we will get in touch! See you soon!


At this moment the vacancies are in Dutch only, we are working on the translation. Our sincere apologies.


At this moment the whitepapers are in Dutch only, we are working on the translation. Our sincere apologies.

In order to improve our services, all business activities of the Demand by SDM Group are currently carried out from one central point; www.demandadvisory.com, we kindly ask you to visit our website or contact us via: +31-10 200 42 82 / info@demandadvisory.com