An assessment forms an essential part in the search for the right talent whether it is internal or external. But what does it tell you? An assessment on its own does not tell you anything without proper internal research. At DEMAND we never take an assessment without looking at the core values of the organization and the needs and requirements of the company and its stakeholders. Only after we have done that, we can give the assessment a purpose. A DEMAND coach will make a translation between the assessment test results and the pre-set criteria from the investigation. In nearly all situations this will provide you with new insights on your staffing needs. The ultimate goal is to form a better connection between a talent and an employer which results in higher efficiency, increased engagement, more fun and better results.

At DEMAND, the process of taking assessments is as follows:

As you can see, we take an assessment very seriously at DEMAND. The results will really tell you something and are applicable to your company. Whether it is recruiting internal TALENT, the inventory of your staff’s career needs or the recruitment of external talents, we understand the essence at DEMAND.

DEMAND specializes in:

Selection and development – The question whether a talent fits a particular job based on his/her personal profile is fundamental for a successful collaboration. We use 34 personality dimensions based on the big-five principle and the 16 Jung types. This very extensive test forms a solid foundation for a long-term relationship between talent and employer.

Intelligence – The balance in a capacity test is different for each job and that is why our professionals make a clear analyses and translation of the outcome. This test covers three general areas to which intelligence can be measured; Verbal capacity (understanding complex texts), numerical capacity (performing complex calculations and comparing data) and abstract tests (understanding figures and numbers).

Development – These tests do not only form a solid basis for a talent to build his/her career but can also be used to identify internal talent. A combination of two career models; Holland and Schein ensure the quality and reliability of the result. For you as an entrepreneur a small investment with a large return.

Sales potential – Many sales talents have one thing in coming; they can sell themselves very well. The question is however are they also capable of successfully brining your product or services to the attention? With this test you gain insight into the commercial success and risk of a candidate. The report takes you through the sales process step by step from; planning and preparation till relationship management.

Functioning – What if you can assess an (internal) talent based on physical date that supports your opinion? This gives you a much better position to give direction to the future of your talent. The test can be completely adjusted according to the job and organization resulting the best possible outcome. The report provides clear insights into the competencies and capacities based on well-founded scientific research.

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